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I’m a world-leading Model, Actress, Music Video Star, Style Icon, Fitness Trainer and a Brand Ambassador.
One form of reality that our ancestors dealt with was to live without bricks and mortar and share the canopy of stars at night with lions, tigers, and bears for fellow open theater patrons. Female Session Wrestlers are an invaluable source of fantasy relief even in our debt-ridden and responsibility filled civilized fantasy world.
I have the ability to change my physique rapidly, that been said if you have followed me for some time, you will be aware I have been extremely muscular, slim and toned curvy and my current condition lean and curvy.
I am alot leaner than I have been for a while with washable abs on display for all of you abs lovers, thick quads, (one of my best features) but still notorious for my ridiculous shapely rear!
I see my self as an elite fitness goddess, who is everything a real woman should be and more.
Race = Cypriot, Kuwaiti and Italian
Height = 5’5 Feet
Weight = 170
Birth Place = London England
Occupation = Nutritional Consultant / IFBB PRO Competitor Figure Division / Model Of Fitness / Wrestler / Writer

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Love the feeling of being overpowered by a true Amazon Goddess. Pinned to the ground and made feel weak or powerless under her control?

If the answer is YES, then I am the woman for you! As a dominant alpha female, my power and superiority will have you on your knees and in a choke hold, tapping out for air in no time!

My sessions are world-class and discrete.  I offer an extensive range of sessions, ranging from domination to fantasy role-play. Sessions, however, do not have to be scenario based and can consist of just good old-fashioned wrestling, if you wish for a more friendly competition.


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Discretion & professionalism are instrumental in my practice. I am the most authentic person you can meet.  My sessions are exhilarating & intense. My thirst for knowledge & curious nature has  lead me to delve deep into this fascinating world & continuously update my skills.

In order to book a session, I expect an introductory email.